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PocketAI Digital Mind Assistant for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile

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Think fast! Think smart! Something is bugging your mind? Trying to make an important decision? PocketAI helps you decide... fast. This unique decision wizard turns your PDA into an artificial intelligence thinking machine using boolean and fuzzy logic. Now you have decision support useful in a variety of decision making situations such as personal decisions, business decisions, buying decisions, etc.

PocketAI is a great decision problem solving tool. No more pen, paper, and headaches. Solving decision problems is easier and more fun with PocketAI. It surprisingly simplifies and accelerates decision making. Understand it. Use it. It will quickly become an essential decision making partner and a time saver.

Use PocketAI and the power of your Pocket PC to complement your brain's own thinking ability. Decisively get to the bottom of your decision problems in no time. The application also has a random mode which randomly selects from your list of alternatives.


"Both useful and interesting."
Palmtop User Magazine, UK

"I am a lecturer on AI, and I think this software is great."
A. Sommeng

"Nice program you have created here. I enjoy this very much."
M. Stein

"PocketAI is one of the best utilities/productivity software I've ever used."

"Excellent! Many thanks! I'd been looking for a program like this for ages!"
A. Lane

"Quite useful for thinking things through. Very stable and runs like a charm. It's a very good idea."

"Your program is a nice tool to illustrate some clinical examples using fuzzy logic. Congratulations for your wonderful product."
S. Salazar

"This is definitely a new and different kind of program. I have been testing it for a while and I have found several interesting questions to answer with it."
A reviewer from Mexico

"PocketAI is an excellent program. The developers have truly pinpointed the decision making process by offering the boolean and fuzzy logic modes of computation. ...All in all a very well written and executed program."
J. Cronen

"This is a great program! It makes it very simple to make decisions based on fuzzy logic, boolean logic, or simply at random choices. I strongly suggest that a user read the Index and its contents which are under Help in the application. That will suggest many ways you can use this program."
W. Brasch

Version 2.2 - Free Shareware Download

PocketAI Digital Mind Assistant v. 2.2

The following sample documents are included with the application. You can of course create your own PocketAI decision problem documents.

  • Political Party to Vote for.pai2
  • Best Car to Buy.pai2
  • Best Computer to Buy.pai2
  • Best House to Move in.pai2
  • Employee of the Month.pai2
  • Make Career Move.pai2
  • Most Important in Life.pai2
  • Mutual Fund to Invest in.pai2
  • Pick a Business Name.pai2
  • Play Russian Roulette.pai2
  • Simulation 8 Ball.pai2
  • Where to Go on Vacation.pai2

More samples can be found in the file section of our Yahoo! User Group.

PocketAI is unlimited shareware. Use it free for as long as you want. Register to save your decision files.
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